About Me


Hello, my name is Cole Ingram.¬† I am a Graduate student¬†at the DigiPen Institute of Technology, getting Master’s in Computer Science with a focus on real time rendering. I got my Bachelor’s degree from Digipen with minors in Mathematics and physics . My primary interests are physics engine, and graphics engine programming. Outside of programming, I am a lover of music, role playing games, and street magic.

Some more details:

How I started programming: During my junior year in high school, a friend of mine showed me a game he had programmed himself in a Digipen ProjectFUN program. I thought the fact that he could make a video game on his own was extremely cool. The next day, I went and talked to my school counselor about taking that class. Unfortunately, it conflicted with band, which I didn’t want to leave behind. Fortunately, I found out that there was an online version of the class after school, with the same curriculum and workload. Without a second thought, I enrolled in this class and went through senior year doing both a full high school load of classes and this additional online class on game development with C/C++. Through the class, I learned I loved programming, so I enrolled in the Digipen Institute of Technology so that I could continue to work on games.

My history with video games: I have been playing video games for as long as I remember. I have vague memories of sitting and playing the SNES with my Dad, and memories of getting games out of cereal boxes and playing those on my Dad’s computer. My first really clear memories come when my Dad got me an original XBOX, along with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. From that point on, video games were my favorite hobby. I would save up my allowance and do extra chores so that I could get a new game to play. The next big moment was when I got the game “Fable: The Lost Chapters”. That game was my first introduction to role playing games, and I was entranced by the idea of my choices in game actually changing the game world. A couple years later, I got “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” and role playing games were cemented as my favorite genre, specifically ones that let me make choices that changed the story.